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Hand Of Fate” by Miranda Remington


Stemming from the Hebrew word yahd, meaning “arm” or “hand,” in astrology, a yod is a unique formation of three planets that form a tall, thin triangle. Commonly referred to as the “finger of God” or “finger of fate,” people born with this rare configuration in their astrological chart have lives saddled with intensity, constant adjustments, delays, blind-siding events, tests of a karmic nature, and impossible choices requiring sacrifice. And despite having free will, no matter which paths they choose, yod bearers sense a “hand of fate” is constantly pushing them towards an inescapable destiny or spiritual lesson. 

They may experience so much disappointment, and fear their life will never be their own, that they fall into varied and creative forms of escapism. Yet, however often the Hand of Fate denies, it also delivers “11th hour saves” and “angels in the flesh” just as the yod bearer has endured or completed a task that would break most people’s spirits.

I am a yod bearer… I have felt the Hand of Fate upon my back my whole life.

Postcards From the Land of Yod is a metaphorical photo essay representing my life’s journey through this dense emotional landscape. It is the culmination of my life’s dream of being an artist, of which I’m so happy to share with you. Thank you for attending my premiere solo exhibition. Your presence means the world to me!

– Miranda  
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