Going To Market!


Hello, Friends! It’s been a VERY quiet year for me. So many things I planned to do in the last 12 months kind of got sidelined. First of all, I decided to be cautious and come off of the road for a while after concerns with the health of some family members became of concern. I’m happy to report all is well. I stopped in the last place I ever imagined myself-Omaha, Nebraska. I’m considering this a temporary “layover” until I the foundation of my business laid out. My first goal is to build a storefront on my website. But that takes focus and lots of downtime. I can’t be running all over the country like I have been and do a good job.

Also, before I can really confidently set up a retail operations, I need to test market some ideas. You know… See what sticks and what doesn’t. I haven’t done any significant self-promotion since last year’s exhibition, Postcards From the Land of Yod, at the Borrego Art Institute.

However… things are about to pick up!

I’m slotted to do TWO art fairs this fall. The first is the FALL MARKET at the JCC starting tomorrow! The second, ARTitudes Nebraska, will be on November 18th at the Westside Community Center. Both are in Omaha. Stay tuned for more about that in the coming weeks.

Since arriving in Omaha, I’ve been staying with my sister, Kelly. A little bit about her. During Covid she taught herself how to crochet. Well… She’s become SO GOOD at it (“SO BALLER!”, as I’ve told her) that a friend of hers suggested she try and sell it at the JCC of Omaha Fall Market this year. When she asked me if I’d be interested in doing the show with her I jumped on it. I’ve never done an art fair before and with my year hiatus coming to a close I figured it was a good excuse to get my feet wet “shucking my wares.”

This two evening event runs October 25-26th from 5pm to 8pm. My booth with recapture the energy of the Postcards exhibition and offer people a chance to pre-order fine art gicleé prints of the 41 images featured in the exhibition.

Also, I’ll be “soft launching” my Dare To Be Vulnerable.™ campaign along with the first of an exciting new collection of images, featuring my dear friend, acupuncturist, and model Ms. Stacy Jane Kluck (aka Queen of the Underworld!). This project is very special to me. It’s goal is to promote self healing through writing and journaling using guided imagery for writing prompts. Within each of us there is a story waiting to be told… One we have not yet even told ourselves. My goal is to give people a series of images (ie tools) to open the door to a means to healing. Stay tuned for more information on that as the weeks progress as well!

And THAT, folks is all I have to report at the moment!

So if you, or anyone you know, plans of being in the Omaha, Nebraska/Council Bluffs, Iowa area this week please stop by and support one of the richest and most vital art communities in the Great Plaines! Since 1926, the JCC has been a fixture in Omaha, and has grown into an extraordinary supporter and patron of the arts community. As such, being included in their annual event is quite an exciting next step for me! Besides… I’d love to see you!

Meanwhile, check out my sister’s Insta page and follow her new business Baller Yarn Arts! And don’t forget to come see us tomorrow and Thursday at the JCC!

Fall Market At The JCC
October 25th & 26th, 5-8pm
333 South 132nd Street Omaha, NE 68154

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